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If you are also a health conscious person, please come to HSY, you’re welcome !

About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013, Dongguan Huashengyi Environmental Purifying Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise with a focus on the design and production of air filtration products.


With monthly air filer output 500000-800000PCS.  We have air filters made from a variety of materials that can handle some of the most demanding filtration needs out there. Our products are suitable for household use, industrial ventilation, automated conditioning filtration, and odor removal. We accept OEM and ODM processing orders in order to meet all of your production demands. Our mission is to deliver quality products to our customers all over the world! We are a professional team, with advanced testing methods and production equipment, can greatly shorten the product development cycle, to provide quality assurance.

Purifying the soul, from the purification of air! Mr. Huang, the founder of Dongguan Huashengyi Environmental Purifying Technology Co.,Ltd, is a person who pays great attention to health and hopes to bring this health to people in every corner of the world. 
So in 2013 he set up the factory, which specializes in filter elements for purifiers. At first the factory had only a dozen main personnel and some simple equipment. In 2014, 5 new equipment were added and the number of staff increased to 73. In 2019, the factory expanded to 316 employees, including 7 senior management personnel,18 R&D personnel, 26 sales personnel, 49 technical personnel, and the rest are workshop operators. The machinery and equipment also increased.

Our factory implements special personnel full-time, and everyone loves his/her job. In the same year, Huashengyi also cooperated with Xiaomi, TIPON, Blue air and other brands,actually, of course, the turnover also reached an unprecedented peak, actually,best of our strength is to customized filters. 

As HuaShengYi factories grew, until the end of 2021, we have a better result, the family plant more and more accepted by the customer, all employees also get more preferential treatment, we are all very like it here, no one is willing to leave the factory, HuaShengYi gets the outstanding achievements, is basis a professional team . 

The original intention of Mr. Huang, the founder of Huashenyi, has been realized, and the economy has also been free. His efforts and efforts have improved the lives of many of us, and more importantly, brought more health to the world!


If you are also a health conscious person, please come to HSY, you’re welcome !

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